As 2017 rapidly comes to a close, I reflect on the year that was and the good fortunes which it brought me. for which I am most thankful.  The thing which excited me the most in 2017 was getting my first motorcycle which was successfully modified so that I could ride with one (left) hand.

To learn more about my ride named Hankster 1.0, I invite you to watch the following video;

As a result of this motorcycle, I visit places that I had only thought of in the past (i.e. Gananoque, Kingston, North Bay to name a few).    I also met many people, most of whom I am proud to call friends, and became part of a family that truly accepts me for who I am – no judgement – just like my birth family.

Because of a motorcycle, I came to understand what it means to feel free, to lose yourself in wind therapy, to be at one with the outdoors.  This past summer, my hubby and I spent more time outside than several combined.

Because of a motorcycle, I became a Contributing Writer for The Rider’s Mag and was most fortunate to meet Critter who continues to encourage and support me.

Because of a motorcycle, I will be at the Motorcycle Supershow from Friday, Jan 5 – Sunday Jan 7  2018 – dates and times to be confirmed.

As I say goodbye to 2017, I look forward to 2018 and the many rides that I plan to make – hanging out with old  friends and making new ones, increasing my blog posts and sharing dates for speaking events.

2018 is also the year in which I plan to write and publish a book – to further share my story and tales of determination.

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year and thank-you for your interest in me!!

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