As 2017 rapidly comes to a close, I reflect on the year that was and the good fortunes which it brought me. for which I am most thankful.  The thing which excited me the most in 2017 was getting my first motorcycle which was successfully modified so that I could ride with one (left) hand.

To learn more about my ride named Hankster 1.0, I invite you to watch the following video;

As a result of this motorcycle, I visit places that I had only thought of in the past (i.e. Gananoque, Kingston, North Bay to name a few).    I also met many people, most of whom I am proud to call friends, and became part of a family that truly accepts me for who I am – no judgement – just like my birth family.

Because of a motorcycle, I came to understand what it means to feel free, to lose yourself in wind therapy, to be at one with the outdoors.  This past summer, my hubby and I spent more time outside than several combined.

Because of a motorcycle, I became a Contributing Writer for The Rider’s Mag and was most fortunate to meet Critter who continues to encourage and support me.

Because of a motorcycle, I will be at the Motorcycle Supershow from Friday, Jan 5 – Sunday Jan 7  2018 – dates and times to be confirmed.

As I say goodbye to 2017, I look forward to 2018 and the many rides that I plan to make – hanging out with old  friends and making new ones, increasing my blog posts and sharing dates for speaking events.

2018 is also the year in which I plan to write and publish a book – to further share my story and tales of determination.

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year and thank-you for your interest in me!!

How Judgement Can Impact You

In February of 2017, I purchased a bright red 2017 Honda Rebel 300. (named Hankster 1.0)  Once I took delivery of the bike in May, it was transported to Mission Cycle in Angus  Ontario so that Todd could work his magic of modifying it for me so that I could ride with one (left) hand.

The modifications were actually very minor – a finger throttle and centrifugal force clutch which disengages the engine based on rpms was installed, followed by my front brake being attached to the front left lever which is the clutch for everyone else.

I took my training in early July and successfully passed the evaluation, losing only 3 of 12 points, and as a result obtained my M2 license.

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How To Ride A Motorcycle….. One Handed!!

Riding my own motorcycle would not have been possible without the support of people who helped make my dreams come true!

It all started with the Motorcycle Show in February 2017 where I met Sid from Barrie Honda who introduced me to the 2017 Honda Rebel 300.

Fast forward to May 2017 when I took delivery of Hankster (named after NY Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist) and had it  transported from Barrie Honda to Mission Cycle in Angus, Ontario.  Once in the shop, Todd worked his magic and modified my ride which I named Hankster

Rider training was done at Learning Curves in Markham, Ontario in early July, 2017.  I could not have asked for more supportive trainers – it was an awesome course!

As a result of these wonderful people, I can now go for a ride whenever I want!!

Hello! Allow Me To Introduce Myself!


Welcome to PROBLEM SOLVED, a site devoted to inspirational and motivational stories.  In this, my first post, my intent is to introduce myself to you so that can become acquainted with me.

So who am I?  Friends call me Ang or Angie.   I was born with  congenital birth defects some of which are clearly visible (i.e. my right arm and hand did not fully develop ), some which are not (i.e. smaller right shoulder).  Apparently, I rolled rather than crawled as an infant since it was faster for me to get to where I was going.

As a young girl I was stared at, made fun of, bullied and at times ostracized.  At times, it was difficult to deal with this however I resolved to never allow this to get to me.  I would never listen when others told me that I couldn’t do something or that I was funny looking.

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