Hello! Allow Me To Introduce Myself!


Welcome to PROBLEM SOLVED, a site devoted to inspirational and motivational stories.  In this, my first post, my intent is to introduce myself to you so that can become acquainted with me.

So who am I?  Friends call me Ang or Angie.   I was born with  congenital birth defects some of which are clearly visible (i.e. my right arm and hand did not fully develop ), some which are not (i.e. smaller right shoulder).  Apparently, I rolled rather than crawled as an infant since it was faster for me to get to where I was going.

As a young girl I was stared at, made fun of, bullied and at times ostracized.  At times, it was difficult to deal with this however I resolved to never allow this to get to me.  I would never listen when others told me that I couldn’t do something or that I was funny looking.

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